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Drop Test Comaprison: iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab [Video]

drop test ipad 2 vs Xoom vs Galaxy TabWe’ve earlier posted the video of iPad 2 smart cover drop test provided by the SquareTrade, now this time they have come up with the drop test video comparison of the popular tablets like iPad 2 vs Galaxy Tab vs Xoom. The test showed an opposite result if you’re an iPad fan, it showed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab fared the best in this drop test, whereas theiPad 2 and Motorola Xoom suffered much more damage. You might be wondering how the popular tabs do when dropped? See the video below to find out… After seeing this I’ve decided to give extra protection to my iPad 2 because i don’t want my iPad damaged like that…

About SquareTrade:
SquareTrade is a company who provides the warranties on accident protection of tablets, if your stuff breaks you can still save up to 70% on their  electronic warranties.

Apple started iPad 3 Components Certification, Taiwan makers takes Lead, No AMOLED displays, Coming in 2012!

iPad 3 components registered, releasing 2012After enjoying iPad 2 so much, now its time to talk about iPad 3, a recent update is that Apple has started certification process for the iPad 3 components, there are many Taiwanese based makers running in this race to get it. In fact the Taiwan maker Radiant Opto-Electronics with LED backlight units have already succeeded in getting certification, according to the industry sources.
Taiwan-based component makers for backlight modules and light bars have received certification from Apple, however, the certification of panels is still in progress, added industry sources.
Recent rumors that floated on the internet stated that iPad 3 will have AMOLED displays and for this Apple has been visiting Samsung Electronics. However according to the industry sources the AMOLED is still a rumor and the iPad 3 will have 9.7 inch LCD panels.
South-Korea based panel firms such Samsung and LG Display have been panel suppliers for Apple. The certification of panels from Taiwan-based Chimei Innolux is nearly done.
Digitimes sources further say that iPad 3 will be released in 2012 according to the Apple’s usual schedule of releasing iPads. So all the rumors proved to be false that said iPad 3 will be coming in late 2011.
Whereas according to other sources;
Taiwan based firms think iPad 2 will become the mainstream and Apple will lower its price to compete with other tablet PCs.
So despite seeing a lot of rumors about the iPad 3 release date, displays and all that, now finally we know that it will be released at the Apple’s usual release date.
[Source: Digitimes ]

Tour the latest Apple iOS 5 on iPad 2!

As you know that iOS 5 has been announced recently at the Apple’s WWDC 2011, most of us know what the iOS 5 will offer with its release expected this fall. This newly announcediOS 5 comes up with more than 200 new features for iPad and other idevices. The main features includes Notification center, Newsstand, Reminders, iMessage, PC Free and a lot more. You might be curious about the iOS 5 features on iPad, how they i’ll work? and how they look? So here’s the detailed video showing all the upcoming  iOS 5 features on iPad 2….

Geek Chick wears iPad Hat at the Royal Ascot 2011 Event!

iPad Hat at Royal Ascort event 2011You might have seen some geeky stuff, but this is amazing, as some of the members probably of Royal Ascot wear an iPad Hat at the Royal Ascot 2011. Royal Ascot event brings together Kings, Queens, and royalty of all kinds. Royal Ascot 2011 started on 14th of this month and will continue till 18th June, in there will be exciting horse races between Kings and Queens stakes and  there’s big prize money over £3,000,000 on offer. It is a major event in the British social calendar, and press coverage of the attendees and what they are wearing often exceeds coverage of the actual racing. The Royal Ascort is the home of horse racing attraction and the extravagant headwear worn by attendees is also great to watch. But here the ladies in the image are big fans of Apple products, as they are wearing iPad and iPhones on their hats. Although it’s totally faux, but its really geeky stuff in a total new way….

Facebook going to release its Official iPad App!

Offical Facebook iPad App releaseMore than a year time have passed when the iPad first went on sale, still there’s no Official Facebook App for it. Don’t worry you’ll be getting one soon because Facebook is finally going to release an official application for the iPad, and of-course for iPad 2 as well. It will be great to have this Official Facebook app because it will offer all those features that are not available from other third party apps.
According to the New York Times:
People briefed on Facebook’s plans say that in coming weeks the company plans to introduce a free iPad application that has been carefully designed and optimized for the tablet. The app has been in production at Facebook for almost a year, going through several design iterations, and is now in the final stages of testing, according to these people, who declined to be named because they were discussing confidential product plans.
Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO and founder has been keeping an eye on the design and unique features of the app that have been made especially for iPad and its interface. This app will take Photos and Videos besides redesigned versions of Facebook Chat and Groups.
“The photo and video experience is amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images,” said a person who has seen the app.
Regarding promotion for the app reported by the person familiar with these, Apple plans to help Facebook promote the app by featuring it featuring it prominently in the App Store.
Besides this new app, Facebook also has plans to introduce better versions of its website for iPad, just to supplement the user experience.
We don’t have a release date yet…it’s still under development so it will take some time before the big release…

Scalado Photowall Technology for iPad Showing 10000 Images without any Delay [Video]

Scalado imaging technology for ipad

Scalado Photowall is the upcoming image processing technology which is really helpful for mobile devices like iPad. This wonderful imaging technology helps you to view and zoom10,000 HD images in lightning fast way without any delay on your iPad, video after the break. Moreover you can also sort all the images by dates, places, people or color in your device.
Fadi Abbas, the developer of this technology is working hard to make this available for all the mobile devices. The way Scalado does this is that it will take pictures from your camera in just megabytes size, so that the processor of the mobile devices can display images quickly.
Scalado Patent can be found on the internet. Click to Read the Patent
The developer plans to sell it as a SDK package so that manufacturer of mobile devices can customize it with Scalado expertise.
Check out the videos below to see the Scalado Photowall Technology in action.

Thanks to Fadi for providing us such a handy technology, I don’t know whether this is available or not, atleast its not on the app store, still I don’t know because i don’t see it anywhere on the Scalado website as well, only few articles and video in there.It is amazingly faster, Mind me, Hopes its coming Soon!
via | TechieLobang (Thanks Jens for the tip)

Microsoft Windows 8 Release to Manufacturing Phase will start April 2012

windows 8 rtm date sep 2011According to ZDNet’s Report, Microsoft’s Widows 8 personal computer operating system will enter to manufacturing phase in April 2012.
ZDNet’s a reliable source for Microsoft related news comes up with this update.
Last I heard, Microsoft’s goal with Windows 8 was to release to manufacturing (RTM) its next Windows release around Q2/Q3 2012, after two beta releases, plus various preview/RC drops. I’d also heard that the plan was to RTM Windows 8 for x86, Windows 8 for ARM/SoC (system on a chip) and Windows 8 Server all at the same time.
I’m now hearing there’s a different timetable for Windows 8. I’ve received new information from a trusted source that Microsoft is actually on track to release to manufacturing all Windows 8 versions by April 2012.
Claims are that Microsoft will be releasing beta 1 of it’s OS in September 2011 and further roadmap are one release candidate build followed by release to manufacturing.
I’ve also heard from my contact that Microsoft’s game plan is to deliver a beta build– not a pre-beta or preview — of Windows 8 around the time of the Build conference in mid-September. This allegedly will be the one and only Windows 8 beta, my contact said. In January 2012 or thereabouts, Microsoft will deliver a final Release Candidate (RC) test build of Windows 8, my source said. (I’m now thinking that January release is the one that leaked a while back from Dell.) And the next and final milestone after RC will be RTM.
Despite of leaks regarding windows 8, we are not clear that what features and services are included in the release. As the Sep 2012 is the release date for windows 8 before that many new leaks are on the ground regarding the features.

iPad 2 Airplay Mirroring on Apple TV [Video]

iPad 2 gaming via Airplay mirroring on Apple TVDuring the WWDC 2011 conference Apple has introduced some exciting feature through theiOS 5, which has the ability to mirror the iPad 2 screen on a high definition TV such asApple TV. While doing so you can see each and every thing on the big screen that you are doing on your iPad including videos, games, documents etc, all in real time.
It’s very cool thing and you will really while using it by this you can easily show some to you entire family through you iPad. To show you how well it works Apple ‘n’ Apps has made a complete video that shows how well it works. The video at the end, demonstrates the speed at which the data is transferred between the iPad 2 and the Apple TV. That’s really impressive speed…
With the introduction of the iOS 5 and AirPlay mirroring you will definitely find a very different experience of gaming on iPad 2, because it will enable you to watch and play your favorite game on the big screen at the same time. It will enable you experience the new innovative ways to play games on your TV and iPad 2, at the same time!
Check out the video….
You can follow us on twitter to keep yourself updated on all the latest news about Apple iPad.
via | AppleNApps

Apple iPad 3 will have a High Resolution screen?

ipad 3 retina display high resolutionWe have already showed you that apple might comes with the 3D display in their iPad 3 and we know that people are waiting for more news about it, for those people Bloomberg has reported that apple are trying to make a “high resolution screen” same like iPhone 4 for their new iPad 3.
Apple is also testing a new version of the iPad that has a higher resolution screen, similar to the one now used in the iPhone 4, one of the people said.
The new display may be called as the Retina Display, which was first introduced in iPhone 4 and then for iPod touch in 2010, but it was not used in the iPad 2 in 2011.
We can say that the new iPad 3 will come in the Retina Display, and the report also noticed that the screen resolution of the new iPad may be “one-third higher” then the current iPad 2s screen result.
Increasing resolution by such amount may look strange, especially when we look at the past when Apple doubled each dimension on the iPhone 4 to ensure easy scaling for apps. Because of this, it’s expected that the next iPad would do the same.
Also check out the news that iPad 3 will be made in Brazil…..

iPad contributes 89% of Global Tablet Traffic, 97% of U.S. Tablet Traffic and 92% of WiFi Traffic, So Much Popular!

ipad traffic systemWe know that Apple iPad is one of the world’s famous device, you can judge this by the latest research study findings by the ComScore. He’s used a newly established Device Essentials Analytics service to find out the digital traffic by device. Amazingly but not so,iPad contributed for 89% of tablet traffic across all markets whereas 97% of United States tablet traffic.
iPad and Other Device Traffic Contribution by Country

comScore Device Essentials sheds light on traffic patterns by device across geographies. One of the most rapidly emerging digital traffic trends occurring across many countries is the impact of the Apple iPad and other tablets. In the analysis below of thirteen countries covering five continents, we can see how traffic is sourced from various devices.
The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets. The iPad’s contribution to total non-computer device traffic is highest in Canada (33.5 percent). Brazil has the second highest non-computer device share of traffic coming from the iPad at 31.8 percent, although non-computer devices account for less than 1 percent of total traffic in the country. In Singapore, where non-computer devices comprise nearly 6 percent of total traffic, the iPad accounts for 26.2 percent of this traffic.
Interestingly, we can see that while Android tablets significantly lag behind Apple in the U.S. tablet market, the platform actually bests Apple in the Smartphone space (35.6 percent vs. 23.5 percent). iPod Touches contribute a notable percentage of non-computer device traffic across most countries, while other devices such as e-readers and gaming systems contribute only a very modest percentage.
Here’s the detailed chart of the findings…
iPad traffic study by comscore
Traffic by Device: WiFi LAN Access Vs. Mobile Network Access
Also in the study of “Traffic by Device: Wifi/LAN Access vs mobile network access” compared with other tablets, iPad got 91.9% of traffic over the WiFi networks compared to 65.2% of Android Tablets.ipad traffic over Wifi
via | ComScore

Apple’s new iPad 2

American Airline using ipad
Apple’s new iPad 2 is getting more and more popular day by day as more people preferring to use iPad instead of taking papers along with them. You can judge the importance of iPad by the recent news that American Airlines are testing to replace their old system of paper navigational charts with new iPads to cut their cost and save up to $1.2 million a year in fuel and also to make cockpits paperless.
Pilot flight bags typically weigh 35 pounds or more, and contain navigational charts and other important flight information. The tablets are being tested on two flights departing Los Angles for Tokyo and Shanghai, respectively. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the iPad tables for all phases of flight, allowing for the first time the use of device during takeoff and landing.
American Airline pilots started testing iPads last Thursday as a part to make that whole process paperless and especially to make commercial airline cockpits paperless. Following the same footings, Alaska Airlines will also issue iPads to their pilots. The 1.5 pound iPads replaces up to 25 pounds of paper flight manuals that the pilots carry with them when they fly. Texas-based American Airlines said the use of the Apple devices will reduce enough weight that it would cut the airline’s annual fuel bill by about $1.2 million. The Alaska Airlines expects to completely switchover from old system to new iPads by this month.

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"How not to write an app" free ebookIf you’re an App developer, you may well be interested in this offer. We are giving away free copies of E-book “How Not To Write an App” by Rod Cambridge, which as the name suggests will take you through different things that you should and shouldn’t do while developing an app. Hopefully you’ll able to improve you skills a lot. He’s also the developer of the Top-Tens app available at the App Store
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