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Scalado Photowall Technology for iPad Showing 10000 Images without any Delay [Video]

Scalado imaging technology for ipad

Scalado Photowall is the upcoming image processing technology which is really helpful for mobile devices like iPad. This wonderful imaging technology helps you to view and zoom10,000 HD images in lightning fast way without any delay on your iPad, video after the break. Moreover you can also sort all the images by dates, places, people or color in your device.
Fadi Abbas, the developer of this technology is working hard to make this available for all the mobile devices. The way Scalado does this is that it will take pictures from your camera in just megabytes size, so that the processor of the mobile devices can display images quickly.
Scalado Patent can be found on the internet. Click to Read the Patent
The developer plans to sell it as a SDK package so that manufacturer of mobile devices can customize it with Scalado expertise.
Check out the videos below to see the Scalado Photowall Technology in action.

Thanks to Fadi for providing us such a handy technology, I don’t know whether this is available or not, atleast its not on the app store, still I don’t know because i don’t see it anywhere on the Scalado website as well, only few articles and video in there.It is amazingly faster, Mind me, Hopes its coming Soon!
via | TechieLobang (Thanks Jens for the tip)


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