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iPad 2 Airplay Mirroring on Apple TV [Video]

iPad 2 gaming via Airplay mirroring on Apple TVDuring the WWDC 2011 conference Apple has introduced some exciting feature through theiOS 5, which has the ability to mirror the iPad 2 screen on a high definition TV such asApple TV. While doing so you can see each and every thing on the big screen that you are doing on your iPad including videos, games, documents etc, all in real time.
It’s very cool thing and you will really while using it by this you can easily show some to you entire family through you iPad. To show you how well it works Apple ‘n’ Apps has made a complete video that shows how well it works. The video at the end, demonstrates the speed at which the data is transferred between the iPad 2 and the Apple TV. That’s really impressive speed…
With the introduction of the iOS 5 and AirPlay mirroring you will definitely find a very different experience of gaming on iPad 2, because it will enable you to watch and play your favorite game on the big screen at the same time. It will enable you experience the new innovative ways to play games on your TV and iPad 2, at the same time!
Check out the video….
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via | AppleNApps


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