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Roadside blast kills one in KP

PESHAWAR: A bomb struck a school bus on Monday, killing a mechanic and wounding two children as they were being dropped home after class, police said. The explosion ripped through the congested Bhana Marri area on the outskirts of Peshawar.
Police said initially that the bus driver was killed, but later identified the dead man as a mechanic whose workshop was nearby. The driver was among up to four people treated for injuries after the attack.
“My house was nearby and I was standing up to get down when there was a deafening explosion. I saw a fireball and heard the explosion. I didn’t know what happened after that,” said nine-year-old Imam Gulzar.
The windows of the bus from the Islamia Model School – a fee-paying English-language school – were punched out in the blast, the vehicle blackened by fire and a nearby shop damaged in the blast, said.Driver Gohar Ali said there were only two girls left on the bus because all the others had already been taken home.
“While I was en route to drop off the last two, there was a blast on my right-hand side. I heard it and then passed out. I don’t know what happened after that,” he said. -Agencies


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