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Mirza throws blame-bombs at MQM

MQM Rabita Committee decides to send HM’s speech DVD to President, PM
KARACHI: Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza Monday said that target-killers belong to the biggest party of Karachi, media reported Monday. “As Home Minister I take all the responsibility and we are also deeply concerned, but nothing could be done individually,” he said while addressing the members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).
He said it has been his ambition, desire and determination to bring peace in the most populated city of the country. “Normal crime is since independence when there was no existence of PPP, MQM or the ANP,” he pointed out.
The minister said presently at least 60 suspects of target killings with affiliation of various political parties were in custody of the police and investigations were underway.
“Alleged target killers were also thoroughly interrogated by the Joint Interrogation Team (JIT),” he told the businessmen.

Referring to the complaints of the KCCI members and its affiliated associations, Mirza said that the government was seeking the help of all the coalition partners to dismantle the forces created hatred among the masses. Regarding the mafia of the extortionists, the minister was of the view that business community could also be blamed who succumbed to the pressure of the elements involved in the extortion and would not report to the police on time. He said it was under the leadership of the present government that the business community got rid of the notorious criminal ‘Rehman dacoit gang’ of Lyari and added that the law and order has considerably improved by 40 per cent this year as compared to the crime figures of the previous year.
Home Minister said that in most of the cases, internal factors were involved in the law and order situation and suggested the business community to help the government in law and order. He further urged the KCCI members to come forward and assist the provincial government in procurement of vehicles and other necessary equipment as it lacks resources to fulfill all the budgetary demands of the Police Department.-Agencies


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