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Forex Trading in Nigeria | Learn The Technique To Earn Money

I have discussed over forex trading with so many of my friend traders plus the new comers who are joining forex trading to become a milliners fortnightly, during the year 2009 I have many time perceived to write on forex trading in Nigeria but refused coz at least people get into it and be experienced initially which is very necessary for learning and than earning. I have got to know that we are in hurry to be wealthy at the earliest and sticking over the crumbs moving towards forex trading like lambs.

Some out of us are playing with platforms when saw the candles are becoming downward we started selling and when seems that its moving upward we couldn’t stop us to buy spots. Hey.. this is purely a new trader mentality not in Nigeria only all over the world, these new comers have no room in forex trading coz they are 99% looser.
Although things are almost we need to workout over the sentiments, greed factor, fear of loss, but the way adopted is not appropriate. I have somewhere seen people to invest thousands of dollars in learning forex, finding institutes in Nigeria, Let me elaborate here what will you learn in forex institutes nothing but the basic syntax the way how to trade.
No one can transfer the feel of market into your senses like when to enter and when to leave the market, I can tell you technically when see double bottom or double top start trade, or define any pattern at different periodic charts, or give the count of different fundamental analysis to be entered into the market for trade, but cant transfer the feel when you get prepared to hit buy or sell.

I will not recommend my readers to make strategies start trading and invest a single penny without knowing forex trading market. Do not invest in institutes because I can bet that even after having extra ordinary market trainings the chances of producing feel of the market will remain as same as an untrained person.

Do not take decision only reading articles on forex trading, I must advice you to read the market and create a sentiment, read what ever in it, read all technical’s, read the fundamental changes and observe intelligently what making changes into the market why market is moving up and going down, read at which time trading is best, Asian time, UK time, American time. I hope most of you were aware of driving a car, how long do you take a feel of a road and than how many of you have developed driving as your passion. Same like driving after starting in low market time with complete study you will be able to develop a passion of trading. Although I have expressed what ever I tried to but instead of it I think there is a bundle in the forex trading package which you have to explore before entering into the market to make a true feel of market, and no training can make you experienced.

You need to control you emotions, because a machine can earn more than a human in forex trading, I must recommend to Study, Study, Study and observe than start forex trading.


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