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Not all Pakhtuns Taliban: Musharraf

LONDON: Former president Pervez Musharraf said Sunday that he had advised the international community to accept Taliban government but they did not heed to his advice. In his article in Wall Street Journal, he said, “Had the world conceded to my advice, circumstances would have been quite different”.
He said that the curriculum in religious schools must be changed to curb terrorism. Musharraf said that the triumph in the Afghan jihad was due to Pakistan’s efforts but the West had taken advantage of that.
He also said that the chain of terrorism in Pakistan is linked to India and Afghanistan. He also urged proper partaking of Pakhtuns in the Kabul government to ensure a stable Afghanistan because historically, Pakhtuns have always ruled in Afghanistan. He further said that the US and the world are making a big mistake by recognising the Tajik minority in Afghanistan, adding that “Not all the Pakhtuns are Taliban”. -NNI


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