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Mega blow to industries

No gas to Faisalabad mills on 4th consecutive day
Labourers face hardship, export-orders cancelled
Textile Exporters call emergency meeting today
FAISALABAD: Pakistani industries and businesses already suffering from several setbacks including rising interest rates, consistent power outages — thus raising the production cost – dealt another blow Sunday as Faisalabad industrial area witnessed gas absence. Consistent closure of industries, not only hurting the industrial throughput big time, but also bring sufferings to daily-wagers.
It was fourth straight day where gas remained suspended, it was learnt. According to the details, the ongoing weekly industrial gas break has kept Faisalabad’s industries constantly closed on the fourth day while making the local industrialists deeply worried and depriving million of daily-wagers from their earnings.
According to the gas load-management plan, it was announced that a three-day weekly gas break will be observed in Faisalabad’s industrial zone but after completion of three days’ break in running week, yet gas supply has not been resumed on fourth day.

All industries of Faisalabad are continuously closed for last four days and million of laborers have been afflicted by famine for not being able to earn their daily wages.
After constant gas load-shedding of four days, the industrialists of Faisalabad have expressed deep worries while informing that they are compelled to bear million of rupees losses daily as their export orders are regularly being cancelled for not meeting the deadlines.
The job deprived and famine afflicted daily wagers of Faisalabad have staged protest against the constant gas load shedding of the local industries.
Meanwhile, Sui gas authorities had announced gas outages to Faisalabad industrial units from Dec 09 to 11, but Sui Northern Gas on Sunday could not restore gas supply to Nawala Industrial Estate as a result all the major industrial units remained closed.
In other areas, owing to low gas pressure, industrial machines could not be started.
Chairman, Value-added Textile Forum, Khurram Mukhtar expressing his concern over gas load-shedding, stated that suspension of gas supply to industrial units on fourth consecutive day was sheer injustice, adding that this had badly affected around 0.2 million workers.
He further said that closure of  industries have also affected manufacturing of export products. He was of view that if the situation remains the same, all the industries would be shutdown


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