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Get goodly hair

Don’t subject your luscious mane to myths and old wives’ tales.  Here’s what you should avoid doing… Brushing hair several times every night
No. This can be fatal for your hair. Hair is fragile. Rough and repeated brushing can cause it to become brittle, and easily prone to breakage. Excessive brushing can also lead to split ends. Instead, what you should do is brush your hair only as much as you really need to, till you get the knots and tangles out. Use your fingers to gently style it, and set your hair as per your style requirements.
Using conditioner to fix split ends
Don’t believe all those advertisements for hair conditioners that promise to repair split ends. Remember, a conditioner is not a glue, it only works to smoothen the rough hair surface, thus making it soft. As any hair expert will tell you, while conditioners work wonders to moisturise your hair and give it that much coveted shine, the only remedy for split ends is to trim them off. The best favour you can do your hair is to get a trim every three months. You’ll be surprised how healthy your hair will be.

Using large quantities of shampoo and conditioner
There’s a reason why most shampoo and conditioner usage instructions tell you that all you need, per use, is a coin-sized dollop. While too much of shampoo can cause the scalp to dry out, excessive conditioner will result in your hair looking greasy. The amount you use should depend on only one factor – the length of your hair. Those with really long hair may need a little more than a coin-sized amount.
Brushing hair while it’s wet
It may seem like an easy option, but brushing your hair when it’s still wet will only result in hair becoming brittle and thus, severe breakage. If the tangles are really bothering you, use your fingers to unknot them, instead of a brush. Alternatively, you can also use a large-toothed comb. Remember, be kind and gentle with your hair for that shine that will get you all the compliments.
Washing hair every two or three days
Our immediate environment, with its heat or cold, dust or humidity, etc, takes a toll on hair. Hence, it is very important to find time to give your hair some TLC. As far as washing hair is concerned, there is no timetable for how often you must wash it. While for some, washing it every alternate day may work, there are some who may need to wash their hair every day.
Do not follow another person’s routine
What works perfectly for your friend or even sister, may not necessarily work just as well for your hair. What you need to take into consideration before deciding your wash routine, is your level of activity, your hair’s exposure to the environment and your hair type.
Colouring hair is bad
One of the best ways to stay trendy is to get your hair coloured. Contrary to popular belief, using hair
colour is not as damaging as claimed by many. These days, with technological revolutions, colouring products have become more gentle and hair-friendly. Hence, you can use them without much worry. What’s more important is to follow a good post-colour care routine. Use a shampoo and conditioner meant for coloured hair only.


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