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Grand Mufti preaches peace, denounces terror

Rulers responsible to protect peoples’ life, property & honor’

MECCA: The Muslims can face the formidable challenges only with enforcement of the principles of Islam, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah said here on Monday in Hajj sermon. The rulers are responsible for protection of life, property and honour of the citizens, speaking at Masjid-e-Nimra to a mammoth gathering of Muslims, the Grand Mufti said.
He said Islam opposes terrorism but Muslims are subjected to oppression in various parts of the world, why the United States and Europe are silent over this oppression. Muslim youths are being misguided today, he said, the poverty-hit young men are being taken to the path of misguidance, the Grand Mufti said and called the rulers and the people to join hands to confront this problem.

Terrorism is Haram (forbidden) in Islam, and such acts should not be reciprocated in any term, Mufti-e-Azam Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah said while delivering the Hajj sermon.
Delivering the Hajj Khutba to the Hujjaj assembled in Mount Arafat to perform a key ritual of Hajj, Mufti Azam said that Allah Almighty dubbed the Muslims as best Ummah on the face of the earth, and he whoever kills a Muslim deliberately would be sent to the Hell.
He said that Islam condemns any act which aims at creating anarchy in the society, adding as being the religion of peace it calls for end to cruelty and defiance.
Sending divine revelations and raising the Prophets was meant for the message of Allah’s oneness; and this succession of guidance for human being is in progress, he said. The Grand Mufti said Allah sent the Last and Final Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) with complete code of conduct and this (Shariah) is in harmony with human nature, as it caters to all man’s natural and material needs.
Around 2.5 million Muslims assembled at Mount Arafat for Wuquf-e-Arafat, the key ritual of annual Hajj pilgrimage.
This year’s pilgrimage season is estimated to be attended by up to 2.5 million pilgrims. At Mount Arafat, some 10 kilometres southeast of Mina, the pilgrims spend the day in prayer and reflection. After sunset, they move on to Muzdalifah, halfway between Mount Arafat and Mina, where they spend the night. The pilgrims are estimated to total up to 2.5 million this year, a major concern for the Saudi authorities who have yet to report any major incidents since the faithful descended on the holy city. -Agencies


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