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Computer Virus Now Infecting Humans!

Is it possible to get infected with a computer virus? Seems weird but that is what has been claimed by a British scientist. Dr. Mark Gasson is at the School of Systems Engineering, the University of Reading claims to be the first human male to have been tainted with the computer virus

I am sure most of you are confused what this is all about! The truth is Dr. Gasson has got a chip inserted in his hand. During the time of insertion, this chip was infected with virus. This device allows him passage via the automated security doors as well as acts as an aid in the activation of cell phone. This chip can be considered as an advanced version of the ID chips that are used for the tag pets.
During one of the demo sessions, Gasson proved that this was able to send the virus on to other control systems that are set externally. However, if the chips that are implanted would have been linked to the system, they could have been easily corrupted too.
Gasson considers this chip as a way to alert ourselves when it comes to all the medical technologies which are based on this concept. These include instruments such as the pacemaker and the cochlear implants which are widely used. Despite using the more advanced versions of these equipments, they still are at a potential risk of being contaminated by other implants.
Like any other aspects, these devices also have their own set of pros and cons. For instance, the mobile phones which are always at a risk when it comes to either virus or any other issues pertaining to security.
With these devices getting infected, it is but obvious that the humans where in these implants are set would also be at potential risk. So, it would not be wrong to say that these people would also be infected with a computer virus.
At the same time, the technology of implants is here to stay. So, incase of such threats, a medical alert bracelet has been introduced in the United States. For instance, if an unconscious person is found anywhere, this bracelet could be scanned which would lead to the medical history of the patient.
Above all, these implants could lead to further breakthrough which could probably enhance the memory or even the IQ for that matter of an individual. But at the same time, abuse of the digital equipment could not be ruled. Thus, caution has to be maintained.


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